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For the people wanting a break from the monotonous routines and the commotion and chaos of city life and its conventional lifestyle, Majan Views offers you an adventurous camping in the diverse surroundings of Oman.


Majan Views provides you a variety of fun and adventurous desert activities including The Badiya Challenge, Cycling, Skiing on sands, Sand dunning with four wheel buggies and the most exciting camping under the star-studded desert sky.



Enjoy an adventurous journey through Wadi Shab, meandering through certain areas by boat, or take pleasure in a refreshing hike through the mountainous region. We offer you an amazing and unforgettable journey through the valley.



Popular among school programs, the surviving program is a fun and adventurous activity for students. It includes Trekking, Camping, Canoeing, Swimming, Mountain Walks, Camel Riding through the Desert all spread among Four Days with exciting Prizes at the end of the trip.



We offer you a marvelous five day trip along the Coasts of Oman consisting of Dolphin watching, cruising trips, Camping, Turtle-Seeing, Skiing on sand dunes and a lot of other fun activities as well.



Another popular School Program is the Mountain and Village Adventure.  Visit to the Traditional markets and the Old Castle of Nizwa, Visit to a Pottery factory, Exploring Mountains, Old villages combined with some fun activities like Swimming and Treasure hunting are a part of this four day program.


A five day program which gives importance to teams and team building among students, organized by Majan Views. It includes Camping, Trekking, Exploring Ma ’awl Cave, Mountain Climbing, Bicycle Riding and activities like Treasure hunts, Compass Competition and a course in First-Aid.


The Adventure and Cultural Programs is a six day tour program organized by Majan Views, comprising of Camping on Mountain top, Camel Riding, Visit to Nizwa Castle, Horse Riding, and Visit to a Pottery factory. It also includes some fun activities like practice of some of the Bedouin crafts and professions, Pottery making etc.

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1 Day
DOLPHIN WATCH & SNORKELLING OVERVIEW Dolphin shoals visit the shores of Oman in large numbers. Muscat and Musandam are famous for dolphin...
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1 Day
SMALL SNAKE CANYON OVERVIEW The Grand Canyon of Oman Just one hour and a half drive from Muscat we will take you to the entrance of Wadi bani Awf...
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1 Day
OVERVIEW WAHIBA SANDS-is an Arabian jewel which is a hot-spot for adventurous travelers. The most loved outdoor activities of the visitors are...
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5 days
First day Start Gathering and prepare to go to a farm for camping and practice some ice-breaking team building programs to prepare the team for...
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$ 650 per Student

2 Days
2 DAYS TRIP CULTURE’S & ADVENTURE TRIP ITINERARY DAY 1: NIZWA-BAHLA-JABREEN-Right after having your breakfast in the hotel guide will...
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5 days
First day Gathering and then move to see the dolphins in a cruise trip along with Muscat coast side. After that start, some practice of scuba...
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$ 468 per Student