Duration: 1 Day
Location: OMAN
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WAHIBA SANDS -is an Arabian jewel which is a hot-spot for adventurous travelers. The most loved outdoor activities of the visitors are centered in deserts. They differ in their nature and quality of sands. It varies from the very soft to the very coarse and dense and this poses a key challenge for many desert activities. It has a simple atmosphere and style that are exceptionally different from city life. Many activities await you in deserts such as skiing on sand, cycling with four-wheel drive bicycles, and sand dunning with four-wheel buggies. And the most loved by many is the fun of camping under the star-studded desert sky.

Don’t miss these interesting options in deserts if you have a love for adventures:

Sand boarding : This gives you an incredible experience with warm temperatures, a shimmering heat haze, and sand in every direction. You can invest in some half an hour for the activity and can extend to some 1 hour to work up a thirst under the warm Arabian sun.

Dune bashing : This is a much-loved item when it comes to desert activities that give you a thrilling experience. You can jump in a 4×4 and negotiate colossal dunes. But please take note; this activity is not for the faint-hearted. During the ride, your driver will take you up and down, over and across this spectacular landscape. This activity usually lasts for one to 1½ hours. This awesome experience leaves you windswept and covered in sand.

Quad biking : If you are looking for a more personal dune bashing experience, then go for this activity. This option gives you a ‘hands-on’ thrill when you are in charge of the travel and is closer to the sand offering an exhilarating ride.

Camel rides : This is a great choice for those looking for an activity that is a bit more relaxed in the Omani desert. Moreover, it is suitable for most ages and abilities. There are lots of options that range from one hour wanders to half-day safaris.

The Badiya Challenge Race is what most people look for when they reach deserts. There is extremely soft sand that sinks under your feet as you move over it. The race engages climbing dunes from a near to the ground area to the top in the shortest possible time. The participants experience a thrilling excitement which is hard to forget for so long. These dune races are normally accompanied by a lot of well-liked and traditional events.