Duration: 5 days
Location: OMAN
Price: $ 468 per Student
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First day

Gathering and then move to see the dolphins in a cruise trip along with Muscat coast side.

After that start, some practice of scuba diving and kayaking then go back to the beach and prepare to go to construct our camp on a farm near to Muscat.

The second day

After breakfast starts a journey to the sink hall and heading along the beachside to Wadi Shap.

After visiting and seeing the beautiful views of Wadi Shap will start construct the camp near to the beach and prepare the dinner.

Third day

After breakfast will go to visit Sur City and to visit the traditional ship factory.

After lunch will move to Ras Al Had and from there we will start our walking trip to the turtle beach and start camping in the turtle beach resort.

Evening will start prepare for turtles seeing around 9:00 pm and return to the resort around 11pm.

Fourth day

After breakfast start journey to Qahaid area and prepare to cross desert to One Thousand and One Nights Camp.

The fifth day

After breakfast will have some fun activities such as Skiing on the sand dunes.

After that, we will prepare to go back to Muscat and having lunch in the way.

Arrival back to Muscat will be around 2:00 pm.