Majan ViewsAadishab

It all began with an insightful thought and a great Vision.

A major Corporate made a global association to make” Majan Views Tourism”, a global brand. The Corporate connection with the passion in tourism and an excellent foundation made its name into the History of tourism. The zeal to travel and experience along with a top-notch track record of several years made Majan Views, what the Company is today.

As the saying goes, “Great Vision without Great People is Irrelevant”. There comes in the role of our highly qualified and dedicated personnel. Each of them is highly talented and trained in their respective areas and has expertise in the travel industry to make the planning of the journey a joy- removing uncertainties and opening opportunities. The experience of our team makes all the difference, from planning the schedules to the ultimate journey. But it’s not just their immense knowledge of destinations, activities and local events that make them so invaluable; every team member is a true travel enthusiast.

Since the very beginning, we have been dedicated to provide the highest quality of services. And now, with the expansion of business, our portfolio is extended from Oman to all over the world. Technological innovations have made use in the planning and execution of the programs and the growing use of internet and e-commerce have made it user friendly, providing a greater flexibility of booking. 

The spirit of modernization is the success story. We have perfected the art of making the entire travel experience memorable. Through regular updating and hard work we have always grown and we will continue to grow in the years to come.