Common Tips about OMAN

What is the commonly spoken language in Oman? Can I get by using only English?

Most locals can understand English at least in the Muscat area. In the interiors, it is best to use the services of a guide/ interpreter. Ensure that you purchase a good guide book, available in most bookshops in the city.

Is there a strictly enforced dress code?

Oman is among the liberal countries in the Middle East where it is alright to dress as you please. Still, please be conservative in your style of dressing especially when you visit the interiors. It is best for women to cover their arms and legs. Dress codes are mentioned and strictly enforced in public functions.

Is it easy to travel with small children?

Oman is well provided with all the facilities to make your stay with your child most enjoyable. Most brands of popular baby food are available as well as the services of qualified pediatricians. Most large shopping malls have play areas for children.

Is it OK to consume alcohol in public?

No, it is not. Please refrain from consuming alcohol in public places. This is strictly against the law. Alcohol is bought and sold only against a permit. Alcohol can only be consumed in licensed pubs and bars. At duty-free outlets, alcohol is limited to a bottle per person.

Can the elderly visit Oman in comfort?

Oman is a haven for elderly visitors with its leisurely parks, pretty beaches, and long winding smooth roads. Parents of expatriates frequently visit and go back well-rested.

How efficient is the local transport?

For long distances, the ONTC or Oman National Transport Company is a good choice. All major hotels offer luxury coach services. To visit the interiors it is best to hire a car and to travel in groups. Within the city feel free to use the taxis or cabs.

What can I eat?

Oman offers all kinds of cuisine thanks to the cosmopolitan nature of its expatriate population. Apart from the local food, you can savor authentic Italian, Greek, Mexican, Japanese, English, American, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

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