Medical, Health & Beauty in Switzerland

Medical, Health & Beauty in Switzerland

We are excellent providers of fully customized premium travel arrangements to clients seeking medical & health programs or beauty & wellness packages in one of the best health & wellness facilities in the world, which is all in collaboration with our Swiss partner.

Luxury Accommodation

Our Medical Clinic & Dental Clinic Partners :

Seegarten Klinik (“SGK”) SGK is an authorized stem cell treatment clinic in Switzerland. It cooperates with the exclusive stem cell research center in Europe — Med Cell Europe. It also offers tailor-made health and anti-aging services to premium clients from all over the world.

Le Mirador Medical Center It is a five star Swiss anti-aging clinic. They provide personalized anti-aging treatment is provided including a free cancer scan.

Lemana – It is a leading luxury Swiss replica private clinic offering unique anti-aging treatment based in Montreux.

Genolier Swiss Medical Network – This is one of the most exclusive multi-disciplinary private clinic networks in Switzerland.

Klinik Pyramide am See – A highly specialized Zurich-based private clinic with a focus on selected surgical fields.

Clinique Matignon – A leading Swiss provider of aesthetic medicine with clinics branching across Switzerland.

Laclinic – It is an exclusive private clinic with a full range of aesthetic medical and paramedical specialties based in Montreux.

Clinique Générale Beaulieu – A leading multi-disciplinary private clinic based in Geneva.

Adent Cliniques Dentaires – A leading network of sophisticated dental clinics in the Western part of Switzerland.

Swiss Paraplegic Centre – It is the international leading Centre for paraplegia.


Testimonials from our International visitors to Switzerland

Case 1 – Anti aging treatment:

Mr. Zhang is 48 years old and a successful entrepreneur. His wife, Mrs. Huang, is 41 years old, takes care of their 12 year old son and the husband’s parents. Mrs. Huang heard from a friend who just came back from Switzerland about a very successful anti aging treatment. She immediately got interested and decided to explore more about the topic. After further investigation and conversations with other friends she got even more attracted but had some concerns about the logistics of such a trip: choosing the appropriate clinic, being alone in a foreign country, and not understanding local customs and language.
We would be the ideal service provider in such a situation. We advise our clients on the selection of the appropriate anti aging clinic and make their trip to Switzerland as pleasant and comfortable as possible with our Chinese-speaking employees. We arrange a fully customized travel program based on individual client’s needs and preferences.

Case 2 – Medical treatment and customized sightseeing & shopping

Mr. Ivanov is 52 years old and a top executive at a large Russian machinery company. He had business to attend in Switzerland and also wanted to extend his stay for five more days: 2 days for a medical treatment as well as 3 days for sightseeing and shopping according to his personal taste. He decided to go for a Swiss-based service provider to profit from their local know-how and network.
We are specialized in providing customized sightseeing and shopping experiences in Switzerland for individuals and groups. Sightseeing tours are arranged according to personal interests including for example exclusive wine tasting, premium art gallery visits, helicopter flights, and VIP sport events. We have a broad network with leading Swiss hospitals, clinics, and dentists, as well as luxury brands, replica watch makers, and jewellers. We offer first-class transportation with experienced and dedicated Russian speaking drivers.

Case 3 – Six Chinese entrepreneurs in Switzerland for one week

Six very successful Chinese entrepreneurs wanted to receive anti aging treatments in Montreux and were keen to visit Switzerland in order to enjoy some of the famous local sights and experience the beautiful Swiss landscape first-hand. It was important to these VIP clients to have Chinese-speaking service personnel on their side throughout their entire stay in Switzerland and to receive all services from a single service provider.
We created a fully customized travel package from the moment the clients arrived in the private aircraft terminal in Zurich Airport to the moment of their departure a week later. Our services included:
Selection of the right hotel accommodation in each location, usually suites with lake or mountain views
Arrangement of train travel
Preparation of various sightseeing according to individual clients´ interests
Reservation of the most suitable anti aging clinic (in this case Clinique Lemana in Montreux)
Liaising with medical personnel at the clinic during the entire treatment
Arrangement of other beauty treatments, such as thermage and botox
Arrangement of personal shopping appointments at the most exclusive Swiss jewelers
Reservations of lunches and dinners in the restaurants, which best suited the taste of the clients
We handled the entire service range in order to provide its clients a maximum degree of convenience during their stay in Switzerland. The clients were at all times accompanied by two Chinese speaking tour guides and two cars, a Mercedes minibus and a Mercedes limousine. All six clients were utmost satisfied with the very high, seamless, and consistent service level that we provided throughout the trip. In particular, they positively remarked on our pro-active service approach and high attention to detail as well as to individual client requests.

Case 4 – A premium Swiss private banking visit experience

In November, we welcomed a group of VIP clients from China. They are all experienced senior level managers in the areas of finance and real estate and had very specific requirements for this trip.
We carefully considered those requirements and made the following arrangements:
1. Private bank visit: we offered the clients a visit to one of the oldest Swiss private banks. At the bank, one of the world´s leading economists answered the clients’ questions and gave each client personal recommendations regarding finance and investments. Besides the visit to the private bank, we also introduced our clients to a private fund management company. Our clients found these two visits useful as they addressed their needs very well.
2. Accommodation: Our clients stayed in lake-view suites at Eden au Lac, enabling them to enjoy the natural beauty of Switzerland at all times. Eden au Lac is a famous 5-star hotel situated right at the Zurich Lake. The long history of the hotel that is reflected in the atmosphere, warm & welcoming service and majestic interior decoration provided for a pleasant memory for our valued clients.
3. Dining: We arranged Swiss and several other delicious cuisines for our clients, including French, Japanese, and Spanish specialties.
4. Sightseeing: We arranged an exciting and enjoyable sightseeing tour for our clients. Besides a visit to the well-known Jungfrau mountain at Interlaken and another trip to the Rhine-Fall, we also took the clients to Vevey, where we paid our respect to world-class comedian Charlie Chaplin and enjoyed a spectacular view of the UNESCO Culture heritage – Vineyard at Lavaux. Our clients told us that they had a truly amazing sightseeing experience in Switzerland.
5. Tour guide: As always, we provided a tour guide who is very experienced in delivering high-level services to premium clients. The guide gave detailed explanations regarding particular locations & sights as well as Swiss history & culture. He accompanied the clients throughout their entire stay in Switzerland.
6. Transportation: To ensure our clients enjoyed maximum comfort during their trip, we arranged for two state-of-the-art vehicles, one for the clients, the other one for carrying their luggage. Therefore, each client had 2 seats for himself providing maximum space and comfort.
We offered and continue to offer the ultimate one-stop, customized Swiss travel experience. It is our key priority to make sure all our clients enjoy our premium services at all times.

Case 5 – A client’s letter

Over many years, unhealthy daily routines and endless social activities have negatively impacted my health (e.g. insomnia and a general lack of energy). After I had received a recommendation by a good friend of mine, I made up my mind and decided to travel together with some friends to Switzerland to experience Swiss anti-aging therapies first hand.
The flight arrived in Zurich at midnight. My friends and I were really tired after the long flight. However, seeing the Swiss – WTG staff at the airport with flowers and welcoming smiles helped to lighten our tiredness a bit. On the first day, we visited Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland and one of the financial centers in Western Europe. We also went to visit a Swiss private bank. Their service level and special insights showed the professionalism and high quality level of the bank. Zurich Lake, swans, boats, the air quality and the fantastic views on the beautiful landscape presented us a quiet and peaceful city.
The next day, we visited Jungfrau Mountain. On the train ride, we were able to enjoy the exquisite cabin and saw Swiss manors like in a fairy tale. We also enjoyed a tasty traditional Swiss cheese fondue on the Jungfrau Mountain itself.
In only 2 days, I have already fallen for this beautiful country. I feel that all my stress and tiredness are gone. After the pleasant sightseeing, we finally arrived at our destination – Mirador Medical Center. The Swiss anti-aging therapy is well known for its safety and effectiveness. Mirador has enjoyed a great reputation for over 110 years. This is the most balanced energy field in Europe, rich in minerals and oxygen.
My treatment program is comprehensive, customized and very focused. On the first morning at Mirador, after a full body exam, I met my therapist, Dr. Amblard. He attentively listened to my health situation, family history, and prior medication. The interpreter then explained to me that the doctor will create a tailor-made solution for me based on the exam report and the health details I provided him.
The anti aging therapy is combined with other treatments. What I enjoyed the most is the detox program. I have heard about various detox treatments in China. However, the over-exaggerated effects gave me certain doubts. Here at Mirador, they provide a complex detox program supported both by specialized medicine and various medical equipment. World-leading Magnetic Resonance, Hydro Colon Therapy, Local Hyperthermia facilities and Detox Infusion make sure there is a sustainable positive detox effect. Even my friend who has more detox experience than me is impressed by this treatment and wanted to book on for himself. Unfortunately, Mirador is a very popular clinic and a reservation at least one month ahead is required. So, he will have to wait till the next time to Switzerland.
During my treatments at Mirador, I had some spare time between programs and wanted to take a look around. The doctor advised me not to take any intense exercise. Therefore the tour guide took us to Chillon Castle. This castle became famous after the book “The Prisoner de Chillon” by George Gordon Byron. Looking at the castle reminded me of the details of the book.
One of the most famous Swiss products is obviously Swiss fake watches. Since we are in Switzerland, it is an absolute must to visit a watch factory. IWC has always been my favorite brand and Swissna arranged the personalized visit with this high-end brand. At the IWC museum, the IWC guide explained the history of IWC in detail. Then in the workshop, I got to see how an IWC watch is actually made. The watchmaker even guided me to assemble some parts in an IWC watch myself. This was an exciting and new experience to me, which I will surely remember for some time.
The treatment was 5 days in total. At the last day, my therapist, Dr. Amblard gave me a final summary of the treatment effects and advised me on my health to further enhance the treatment result.
One week passes so fast. It’s time to go back. I would like to say thank you to Swiss – WTG staff. Without your friendly and considerate service and professionalism, my trip would have never been this great and convenient. I enjoyed every minute of this trip of finding new youth, inner balance, strength and better health.

Case 6 – A customized gynecological check-up

According to a survey by World Health Organization: common gynaecopathia such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, mammary cancer and hysteromyoma can be found and cured at an early stage. Hence, a comprehensive and timely gynecological check-up is essential for women.
Mrs. Li, a patient from Mainland China, has been suffering from adenomyosis for years along with a bad immune system and severe allergies. She had visited several hospitals in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.
However, none of the doctors suggested any effective treatments besides taking some general medication and hormone pills. Recommended by a friend, Mrs. Li decided to ask us for help. We organized a detailed medical check-up with one of Switzerland´s leading gynecologists at SGK.
Through detailed medical analysis, Mrs. Li was diagnosed with a 6 cm hysteromyoma. This result had never been found in any of the prior health checks in the past 8 years. Mrs. Li not only lost the perfect period for pregnancy, but had to suffer physically and mentally.
Subsequently, we arranged for a thorough cancer cure in Switzerland.

Case 7 – Cancer check-up

Mr. Lu, 50 years old, Chinese entrepreneur. He pays great attention to his health in daily life. After a cancer check-up at a well-known hospital in China, he received unclear test results. With all the concerns and worries, he contacted us for a second opinion based on a neutral medical check-up in Switzerland.
We arranged the cancer check-up for Mr. Lu at SGK Seegartenklinik, a world-famous clinic near the city of Zurich. The check-up process only takes one day. The day before the check-up, Mr. Lu was checked in at a 5 star hotel near the clinic, with a beautiful lake view and high-end spa facilities.
The 2nd morning, Mr. Lu went for an extensive blood test. After the test, the doctor met Mr. Lu to familiarize himself with the overall health status of Mr Lu. Mr. Lu also showed the doctor the test results of his check-up in China. With the help of our experienced medical translator, the whole conversation went smooth and efficient. In the end, the doctor also suggested an IV treatment to balance body PH.
The final test results were provided in English and Chinese and explained to Mr Lu by a leading Swiss cancer specialist. Mr Lu returned to Switzerland for further medical treatments in specialized cancer clinics. The individual service approach and the exclusive network of service providers of Swiss – WTG guarantees our clients VIP treatment at all times.: