Sulaiman Al Qassabi

Founder and CEO of Majan Views Tourism

Sulaiman have more than 15 years’ experience in adventures and tourism services in Oman. He is bringing his vast experience and certificates from different parts of the world in adventure activities, safety and tourism services to develop and operate Majan Views Tourism as a leading Travel & Tourism company in Oman and the region.

He started his first work career in the beginning of the year 2000 as a young Omani tour guide which drove him to have a wide experience in how to handle tour operations and tour guiding, and by the times he has been trained and get more experience in extreme and rough adventures in Oman roughest places.

You can find him enjoy being outdoor in the top of the mountains or down in the deep if the Majlis AlJin Cave or in the deep place in Tawi Ateer Sinkhole. He is enjoying to make the travel dreams live and to take people beyond their expectations.

All these years he trained a lot of youth and young people from schools or corporate and executive people from government and corporations for the fire and safety, First Aids, teamwork, team building, soft skills, climbing rocks and mountains and other adventures and outdoor activities.

One of his main aims is to promote Oman as a paradise on earth and to show to the rest of the world the undiscovered lands and beauty of Oman with its richest culture, heritage, hospitality and unique geography.

Sulaiman believes that the ethics, team work and soft skills can not be lectured but it should be build in the person and only when we success in building those skills then we can make the world better place, from that point of view he started with his partner a unique program called the Young Leaders of Tomorrow which aims to develop and empower young people and to be a real plat-form that the youth and young people can follow to allow them to be real leaders in the real world and to help them to make the real effect in their communities.
Sulaiman Speak Arabic, English and French