Daggers and Swords

A normal or hooked dagger is the most important component of the Omani dress. Omanis are keen to acquire daggers and appear wearing them at official events, national celebrations, and weddings. Due to the succession of this social custom from one generation to another, the dagger-making industry has survived the passage of time, albeit with modern improvements.

The Omani dagger is an authentic heritage the present generation is keen to pass on to their children. The dagger is also a symbol of manhood and pride among Omani men, who wear it on their leather belts over the dishdashas (long outer garment). Its front section is made of small connected silver pieces, or it may be elegantly embroidered with silver or gold threads.

A dagger’s price is determined by the raw material it is made of, usually iron, silver or gold. Although silver daggers are the most common, especially for making the dagger handle, the blade case determines a dagger’s price. There is the giraffe case, which is the most expensive because it has been banned, and cases made of buffalo skin, sandalwood, and the bitter orange tree.