Duration: 1 Day
Location: Oman
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Omani mountains with their towering heights, rocky and steep slopes and rugged tracks constitute a challenge for any mountaineer. In Oman, there are several climbing areas and their diversity corresponds to the climber’s skill, as there are the paved paths for beginners and the very rugged for the more experienced climber. Wadi Ghul in A`Sharqiyah Region(Eastern Region) which rises to 300 meters provides an ideal spot for climbing. Jabal Misht remains the best location for mountain climbing with its rocky front, perhaps the largest in the Arabian Peninsula. Its South-East front extends for approximately 6 kilometers, rising to 850 meters, providing trails of all levels of difficulty. Musandam Governorate is famous for its many mountains. Also spread around Muscat are hills of various heights for climbing, whether for the beginner or the seasoned professional.
Destinations for Mountain Climbing :

  • Jabal Shams (Sun Mountain)
  • Wadi Damm
  • Nakhal
  • Jabal Akhdar
  • Muscat Wadi Al Maih

From the Italian, meaning ‘Iron Way’ via ferrate are mountain routes with fixed wire cables, metal rungs, and ladders. These allow adventurous walkers and climbers to ascend steep rock faces in relative safety while reducing the amount of climbing equipment required. The Ministry of Tourism has sponsored the installation of several via ferrate routes in Oman. Via Ferrata users should always be equipped with a helmet, appropriate shoes, climbing harness, and a special tether used for attaching the climber onto the cable to protect against falling. If used correctly via Ferrata climbing can be an exhilarating experience. Via Ferrata users, climb on their judgment and at their own risk. There are three via ferrate in Oman. Presently the Grand Canyon via Ferrata (VF1) near Jabal Shams is operational.
Grand Canyon :
Starting along trekking path W6 at the village of Al Khitaym a high-level balcony walk to the abandoned village of Sab Bani Khamis takes around on hour and has stunning views of the Grand Canyon. After Sab, an uphill walk leads to the start of the climb. The climb itself takes around 1 hour.


Trip includes :

  • Instructor and full equipment
  • Transport to/from grand canyon
  • Water / soft drinks
  • Picnic lunch

What to bring/wear :

  • Sun cream, sunglasses, hat, waterproof camera or case!
  • It is advisable to bring a medium-sized backpack so that you can carry your water
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that you can swim in and bring a change of clothes for the journey back.
  • A sense of adventure!
  • Light comfortable trainers. (which will get wet)


Day 1 :
After breakfast drive From your hotel, we will pick you up and drive to Jebal Shams. The drive takes around 2.5hrs to the top of the mountain. Before you begin the journey to the top of the mountain. Once on top of the plateau you now have the chance to view Wadi Ghul from 2000m. The spectacular balcony walk is a must if you are making the journey to Jebal Shams. The 2-hour trek takes you along the edge of Oman Grand Canyon offering incredible views of the mountain range and the villages below. Setting off from Al Kateen village we follow the balcony trail along the mountain edge to the abandoned village of Sap Bani Khamis than we head to the ( Via Ferrata ) we take a 30-hour walk to start the climb for 1 hour and a half. And we finish the trip at the End of the Climb .walk 15 mantes to the Car and drive back to Muscat arrived at 5 pm .

Extra Information :
There is a 4-hour trek (2hrs each way) takes you along the edge of Oman Grand Canyon offering incredible views of the mountain range and the villages below. The only thing you need to take with you into the Via Ferrata is your helmet, water and if you have one a camera, anything else can be in the bag or left in the car for when you return.