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Turtle watching is one of the much loved activities of tourists in Oman. About thousands of sea turtles migrate annually from the shores of the Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea and Somalia to lay their eggs on the Sultanate’s shores.

Oman has five of the seven species of sea turtles:

  • The Green Turtles -> They are found on most Omani beaches and abundant in Ras Al Hadd, Ras Al Jinz, Masirah Island and Ad Daymaniyat Islands. They are the fastest swimming turtle, reaching speeds up to 32 kmh.
  • The Loggerhead Turtles -> They nest on Masirah Island, the shores of Dhofar and Ad Daymaniyat Islands. They are named after their large head and thick, muscular jaws.
  • The Hawksbill Turtle -> They nest on the shores of Muscat and Ad Daymaniyat Islands. They are called so for their narrow, pointed beak.
  • The Olive Ridley Turtle -> They nest on Masirah Island. They are named for their olive coloured carapace, which is heart-shaped and rounded.
  • The Leatherback Turtle -> They are found in Omani waters but does not nest in the Sultanate. They are the largest of all living turtles.

Thousands of people come every year to Oman to witness this natural phenomenon. It is a rare and beautiful thing to see nature at its most brilliant.

During night, these turtles drag themselves out of the water to the beach by carrying their heavy shells on their backs. With a great effort, they dig a hole in the sand by making use of the tips of their paws to bury their eggs. Once they complete the process, they return to the sea.

In about 55 days, these eggs hatch and baby turtles come out to begin their adventurous journey of life. Before they find safety in the waters, they have to escape from the hungry foxes, crabs and birds and push their way towards the sea.

Watching the turtles’ night dash to the sea is one of the most well-liked tourist activities. If you are planning to make a visit to Oman, take the opportunity and make time in your schedule to experience this beautiful activity. This incredible sight is what makes Omani nights special among the visitors.

During the months of May through July, the turtles venture closer to shore so as to feed and to procreate. The period of July-October is said as the peak time for turtle watching in Oman. These are some of the few unspoiled places in the world where tourists can observe them in their natural habitat.