Ria Duykers

Head of the Medical, Health & Wellness Department of Majan Views Tourism

Ria has more than 20 years’ experience in medical, health & wellness travel and education worldwide. She brings her vast experience and certificates from different parts of the world, from medical tourism to health preventive teaching & travel and from hospital to hospitality tourism & training services. She will be responsible for the department of Medical, Health & Wellness Travel & Training that Majan Views Tourism will offer as a segment of their leading Travel & Tourism company in Oman.

Ria started her first work career in the Hospitality Industry and later moved to the Hospital and University environment to become an International Relations officer for the faculty of Medicine, Health & Life Science and to travel the world to recruit, build networks and to promote health preventive and curative courses and research programs.

Ria’s mission is to cross promote Oman as a Unique Health & Wellness destination where you can unwind, relax and rejuvenate in a little paradise with the undiscovered lands and beauty of Oman with its richest culture, heritage, hospitality and unique geography. Also she will advice and assist you to visit alternative places abroad where you will find the best medical, health & wellness treatments and therapies while traveling.

Ria truly believes that the ultimate travel experience is not coming from a book, some pictures or a nice video; you simply have to “live” it, whether for business or leisure, work or pleasure. She is constantly developing and coordinating “Adventurous Journeys To Better Health” to guide you into the right direction towards a positive change of your lifestyle that will improve your health & wellbeing and get you back in balance again.

Ria’s mission is to help you to increase your personal and professional performance while traveling.
Ria speaks English, Dutch and German