X Rashid Al Shabibi

Chairman and founder of Majan Views Tourism

Rashid is experienced retired military officer, holder of Master degree in Engineering and holder of MPA in BusinessManagement who have more than 25 years’ experience in international business and business development.

He started his first working career at the age of 16 as a military solder which gave him unique personality and develop his leadership ability. He works in Oman and Middle East Region in several organizations including the United Nations and other regional Organizations and in the past 15 years he developed several business corporations across the Middle East Region.

Rashid have the passion to promote and develop international business in his region and to spread his experience and knowledge to others and in the last few is years he trained, mentor and consult a lot of people from young people to corporate and executive people for business development, business strategy, soft skills, and corporate leadership developments.

Along the years he established strong relations and business network across the world which allow him to develop Majan Views Tourism as one of the leading Travel & Tourism in Oman and the region. His strong experience and creativity allow him to make Majan Views Tourism to deliver unique and luxury services in the region which not made yet or delivered by others in his region.

One of his main aims is to promote Oman as a paradise on earth and to show to the rest of the world the undiscovered lands and beauty of Oman with its richest culture, heritage, hospitality and unique geography.

Rashid believes that the ethics, team work and soft skills can not be lectured but it should be build in the person and only when we success in building those skills then we can make the world better place, from that point of view he started and aim to give the world a unique program called the Young Leaders of Tomorrow which aims to develop and empower young people and to be a real plat-form that youth and young people can follow to allow them to be real leaders in the real world and to help them to make the real effect in their communities.

Rashid speak Arabic and English