Luxury transportation

Travel should always be comfortable and a memorable experience. Time spent in arranging for lodging and transport, after you arrive is valuable time wasted that could be used for enjoying and absorbing what the place has to offer. If it is a business trip, customized VIP Travel Services become all the more important because in your case time is of even more importance. During peak seasons, when hotels and resorts are booked to capacity and rental car companies are chockablock, it would be futile to keep calling different places only to get the same answer. Our goal is to ensure you are treated like a VIP regardless of the nature of your travel and shoulder all responsibilities related to accommodation and transportation. This is what we offer:

Luxury Cars

We organize top-of-the-line cars with experienced drivers, who know their way around town, for all excursions and transfers. Whether you want a classic limo or a smaller compact vehicle, we will get it done – we are here to cater to your specifications. As mentioned the drivers are thorough professionals and extremely qualified so rest assured your transportation will be safe and smooth. Airport pickups and drops are available too.


Nothing beats traveling by a private jet! It is the perfect way to travel in a stress-free manner at your convenience without having to adhere to commercial flying restrictions. You don’t have to bother about huge queues at customs or overcrowded airports – enjoy the luxury of private lounges and VIP terminals with secure and check-in facilities. Once you are airborne, you will be presented with a specially chosen menu comprising delicious food and classic beverages.

Yacht charter

Just imagine being out at sea, with the wind ruffling your hair and not a worry in the world! Yacht charters are becoming popular with each passing year because of the uniqueness of the experience. Moreover, when the weather is on your side, bequeathing a clear sunny day, you are bound to enjoy being on a yacht even more. The facilities are beyond impressive with tastefully decorated interiors, indoor and outdoor pools, game rooms, state-of-the-art electronic equipment, and much more.