• Butler Service at Hotels

Butler Service at Hotels

This is an elite and exclusive service, which unfortunately faded away after the Victorian era, but it has made a spectacular comeback, so we want you to enjoy its benefits to the fullest. A personal butler helps you save time and effort while you are on a trip, so you are spared from menial tasks. You might feel apprehensive if this is your very first time, but rest assured it will make your holiday or business tour, more convenient and hassle-free.

A personal butler is much like your assistant, who will anticipate what you need, and serve you accordingly. Our staff is properly groomed to adopt this role – they are prompt, polite, organized, professional, and unobtrusive. While their manner is friendly, they know exactly when not to overstep. Take a look at some of their duties:

  • Receiving and greeting guests courteously on their arrival.
  • Calling for the bellman to take the luggage up to the room or suite, and escorting guests in a separate elevator.
  • Fully stocking the mini bar.
  • Ensure the complimentary package comprising wine or champagne, along with a cheese or fruit tray is ready.
  • Make reservations in advance by the pool, at spas and restaurants, etc.
  • Get clothes dry cleaned or ironed via laundry services on request.

Personal butler covers a wide range of services apart from the ones mentioned above, including a few customized ones.

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