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This is one of the best choices when it comes to adventurous outdoor sports during the holidays. Oman provides a lot of opportunities for hikers that range from one-day gentle walking to several days more demanding strenuous but interesting trekking. You can go wandering around Muttrah or walk over the groove edges of Al Shams mountain- Oman’s highest mountain to reach its peak. This outdoor activity is one of the best ways to explore the hidden beauty of the country. Exploring the remote valleys and soaring escarpments in this Gulf’s best-kept secret makes your holiday an awesome treat to remember for long.

For the beginners, the activity has been made easier now. The trekking routes have been marked and signposted. This is easily recognizable with the brown co-loured signboards pointing to the beginning of the marked treks.

The trekking packages would always be interesting that combine shorter and relatively easy walks with some challenging routes. You can experience mountain tracks across the sand and bare rock with areas of the stepped pathway that leads to ancient and at times abandoned villages. A fully organized trek would make you comfortable with donkey-porters, guide, essential equipment, and transport to and from the initial and finishing points.

And don’t forget to take these things with you when you go trekking in Oman to have a safe and comfortable journey:
-Hiking pants
-Shoes that are comfortable for the hiking
-Hat or similar stuff to protect your head
-Sunglasses to protect your eyes
-Tops covering the shoulders and optionally some long sleeve T-shirts
-Scarf in case you plan to visit the Mosque
-Formal dress if the schedule includes some shows watching
-Swimwears when you go relaxing in pools or beaches
-Gloves/hat and jumper for nights in the mountains.
Summer months are really hot and the days are more enjoyable in winter but can still be hot at times. And the food here is a great treat to your taste buds.

Above 1,900-meter altitude trekking is possible all year round in the country. Trekking  season runs from September to May. But if you are looking to experience it to the core, the best time for hiking is between October and April. In spite of the rough terrain, hiking is always considered as the best way to experience the Sultanate’s wonderful mountainous nature.