An exciting and real marine adventure through the gems of the Indian Ocean along with our resident marine biologist, who offers you a glance into the majestic underwater world.

Become a marine biologist

You get a chance to discover the marine biologist within you. Plant a coral or even become a fish whisperer and go on a wonderful journey of understanding and appreciating the rich diversity of the ocean as you explore the wonders of Maldivian marine life from fin to tail. You can also stop by the resort’s Marine Biology Lab to gain more knowledge about the underwater world of the Indian Ocean.

Night Snorkeling

Join the resort’s resident marine biologist to explore the wonders of the underwater world of the Indian Ocean at night. Gaze at the feeding corals extend their polyps to catch plankton and view the micro marine life glow as the sun goes down. This is indeed a unique chance to encounter marine life from a totally different light.

Adopt A Coral

Leave a positive legacy by protecting the environment and marine life of Maldives. Snorkel with our resident marine biologist to the coral nursery to choose, name and cultivate your very own living coral and you will be rewarded for your help and kindness to nature with a certificate and image of your coral, adding life to the reefs. Our Coral Regeneration Program began in 2007 and we have added 3000 corals to the House Reef since.

Water Activities & Adventures with FLOAT

Feel the rush and buzz of action-packed water sports. Sail and dive beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean to experience a whole new world of marine life and adventure. Enjoy fun activities and learn new skills with specialist lessons and courses. Take an ocean expedition with our resident marine biologist and explore the depths of Maldives.


 Water Activities & Adventures with FLOAT

Discover the underwater extravaganza of the Maldives with FLOAT at PER AQUUM Niyama, during the daily dive programs. With our “Discover Scuba Diving” course, beginners can have their first glimpse of a whole new underwater world of marine and coral landscape.

We also offer Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver certification courses that would take just a couple of days. Certified divers can choose between double and single tank dives and there are a variety of other advanced and specialty courses while children as young as 8 can join the fun with the “Bubble Maker” program.

Big Game and Sunset Fishing

Snag a barracuda at dawn, and pursue a sailfish in the afternoon. Also hunt for wahoo, mahi mahi, tuna and trevally in between. Looking for some nautical excitement after hours? Catch your own supper by indulging yourselves in the one of a kind Maldivian technique of hand-line fishing. The Indian Ocean is waiting for you to take on the challenge.

Set sail in the luxurious comfort and plunge into a vibrant underwater adventure with a daily snorkeling trip that sails beyond the PER AQUUM Niyama lagoon. Dive into another world; explore local reefs, tropical fish, the rich marine landscape and much more.

Sea bobbing
Experience life at a dolphin’s swift pace with this adventurous underwater rocket. A 15-minute introduction teaches you how to have utmost fun with the Sea bob. Later on, test your bravery while holding on tight when your underwater speed reaches up to an exciting 20 km/hour.

Jet skiing,

Experience the adrenaline-rush of Waterskiing, mono-skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding and fun tubes skimming through the waves. Discover the exhilarating waters as you speed over the waves with rides and lessons. Feel the full power and excitement of water sports in a location that will absolutely take your breath away.

Catamaran, windsurfing and kite surfing lessons

Catamaran, windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons

Learn the art of slicing deftly and skillfully through the waves on a catamaran. Glide along the reef as the wind propels you across the water with windsurfing and kite surfing lessons. Choose from beginner courses to private sessions, refresher courses and even advanced programs with international certifications.
Complimentary activities

Enjoy the exciting waters of the Indian Ocean by Snorkeling and various other fun-filled water sports. The equipments and non-motorized water sports are free of charge upon request. Float at the intersection of water and sky, and try on the paddle kayaks for observing the creatures below. If you have a license and know how to windsurf, feel welcome to use our high-quality equipment.

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