1) Medical Procedures

Majan Views will advice and assist with Medical Travel that is always focused on high qualitative and scientifically approved medicine. Procedures can include a hospital visit for a general or specific health screening or a medical trip abroad to get a second opinion or to travel for a better treatment that is not available in the patient’s own region or, to get better services and facilities and prices for similar medical procedures. Families will be able to accompany the patient(s), couples travel and can even do procedures together and for all the medical procedures additional services like rooms, sightseeing, sports, activities, Spa retreats and whatever is desirable can be arranged for you because we always build complete tailored packages around each medical trip.

2) Health packages

Most of our are Health Packages are based on the “Functional Medicine” principle and are build around various health preventive tools, treatments, training like Yoga, Medication, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Weight Management, Chinese Traditional Medicine. We also organize and offer health related and preventive Training & Coaching programs and we collaborate with qualified hotels/resort by way of creating and offering new or existing health packages, workshops, retreats and add other segments like accommodation, transport, food etc. that fit into this frame of health prevention and health improvement.

3) Wellness Retreats

Majan Views will always be on the serach for the best and most exceptional, valuable Wellness Retreats and will create and coordinate mainly packages that can be offered by the high end hotels & resorts that have everything in the house to make the guest most comfortable, relaxed and not to worry about anything. There will be anti-stress and other special therapies to choose from, pampering or themed wellness packages that will focus on the overal health & wellbeing, relaxation, rejuvenation, fitness etc. all in a authentic and holistic way.