Ali Al Battashi

Head of logistic and transport in Majan Views Tourism and Founder of Afaq Tourism Transport

Ali have more than 14 years’ experience in corporate business, logistic, transport and tourism services in Oman. He is bringing his corporate and tourism services experience to develop and operate Majan Views Tourism logistic and transport team in high and efficient ways which allow Majan Views now days to be a leading Travel & Tourism company in Oman and the region with its verities and comfortable transportations and logistic services.

He started his first work career in Toyota as a mechanical engineer on the year 2001. Later he was trained and get more experience in logistic and transportation which moved him year by year into high corporation levels and later on join tourism services and hospitality from 6 years which allow him to gain wide hospitality experience.

Ali is the founder of Afaq Tourism Transport which is a sister company with Majan Views Tourism, Afaq founded to deliver various tourism transportations with luxury and comfortable services to suit every one needs. He is playing a strong role in the development of the tourism services and logistics.

He is an adventurer person who love team work and to give the maximum hospitalities to others with perfect timing and services and one of his main aims is to promote Oman as a paradise on earth and to show to the rest of the world the undiscovered lands and beauty of Oman with its richest culture, heritage, hospitality and unique geography.

Ali speak Arabic and English.