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Duration: 1 Day
Location: Oman
Price: $ 250 for ONE Persons
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Nizwa, the former capital city of Oman lies around 164 kilometres from the capital Muscat. The city is full of rivers, orchards and palm trees towering amidst a balmy atmosphere. It is a fertile sea of green with an oasis of date plantations stretching 8kms from the town.  The place is renowned for its 17th century fort and atmospheric souks full of silversmiths’ art, particularly ornately engraved khanjars. It is still the largest and most important town and a favourite tourist attraction.

Jabreen Castle that dates back to 1670 is one of the most beautiful historical places in Oman. It is a large rectangular building that comprises five floors and 55 rooms. Two attractions here are ‘The Sun and Moon Room’ featuring icons and beautiful Islamic calligraphy adorning its ceiling, especially the eye drawing and ‘Immam Protection Room’ built with four secret hideou    ts under the room connecting with each other.

Bahla Fort is a magnificent fort included in the World Heritage Sites List. The Bahla wall that extends over a distance of 12 kilometres, with its terraces, apertures for opening fire and guardhouses, was built for defence purposes. The Bahla Oasis features traditional souks, old alleys, and ancient mosques.

The trip will be a comprehensive package that comprises:

  • Guide
  • Transport to/from
  • Water / soft drinks
  • Picnic lunch
  • First Aid
  • Entrance fees


Day 1: Muscat – Nizwa – Jebrin Castle – Bahla – Muscat

  • Right after having breakfast in the hotel, meeting is arranged with the Omani Guide at 8:00am
  • The drive takes around 1.5 hours toward Nizwa, where you can explore its history, culture and heritage.
  • After spending some time by watching the spectacular beauty of the nearby areas, the actual journey kicks starts in Nizwa itself where you can visit the traditional and modern souk.
  • You can have a closer look at the 17th century fort that is built to guard the Sumail Gap during the struggle between the Sultan and the radical Imams.
  • The next in the schedule is Jabreen Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Oman. Its wall and ceiling decorations and secret passageways are a great treat to watch and sometimes a mystery for the tourists.
  • In the mean time, we can have picnic lunch that gives you the energy to explore the more options available.
  • Our next visit will be to the UNESCO world heritage Bahla Fort that is constructed thousands of years back.
  • If we have still time left for the day, we can have a visit to the pottery factory and experience traditional Omani hand crafts.

Important times to note:

  • Pick-up at 7 am
  • Drop-off by 5 pm

What to Bring/Wear?

  • Sun cream, sunglasses, hat, camera or case!
  • Better take light clothes that would protect you from sun. Ones that cover shoulder and knees are a good choice.
  • A medium sized back- pack is a comfortable option to carry for travel, with provision for taking water